Reliable Products and Services
  • Virtual Private Network

    Based on a self-built backbone, Guangtong Network MPLS VPN builds virtual private networks for enterprise users, enabling scalable and cost-effective secure connections between multiple office locations more >>
  • Internet dedicated line access

    The Internet dedicated line of Guangtong Network uses the Internet exit gateway router to provide dedicated line access to the Internet for the personnel of the enterprise headquarters or branches. more >>
  • Intelligent cloud seeding

    Cloud broadcasting equipment package with one click to meet the demand of multi-scene cloud broadcasting.Low-threshold, professional, high-quality intelligent products to meet the needs of e-commerce, new retail, video media, education and training and many other fields of live broadcast.From the real application scenario, choose the suitable cloud broadcasting products, open new sales, and help you break through the countless competitors! more >>
  • Weak current integration

    One-stop solution to all the problems of integrated cabling, customized, professional design and construction experts, perfect details, to create a professional network integrated cabling engineering services. more >>
  • Software-defined WAN

    SD-WAN is a high-speed, secure and stable connectivity service provided by Guangtong Network. Based on Guangtong Network SD-WAN network, it can meet the interconnection needs of different geographic areas within the network and help enterprises quickly build a high-quality private network and realize various scenarios such as office acceleration and large group company networking. Connecting enterprises to the last mile POP points of Guangtong 's SD-WAN directly through the Internet can reduce the burden of dedicated line access costs and save expenses, and provide secure end-to-end data communication. more >>
  • Internet data center

    Guangtong Network has abundant data center resources in China. Our T3+ grade data centers are located in core cities in China with large scale and high reliability, which can provide flexible, modular and secure operating environment for customers' server systems and network equipment.With advanced data center solution design, strict technical specifications and sound operational procedures, we have become a partner of Internet enterprises and large customers. more >>
  • All-round butler
    We provide continuous network monitoring and management services, ensuring that your network is monitored around the clock, every day of the year.
  • 4 hours to arrive
    Our commitment is to provide on-site support within 4 hours of receiving your request, ensuring timely assistance and resolution for any network-related issues.
  • Safety guarantee
    With our nationwide service system, we ensure that you have peace of mind, knowing that our services are available throughout the country to meet your needs.
  • Speed quote
      We understand the importance of promptness, which is why we strive to provide you with an accurate and fast price solution within 2 hours of your inquiry.
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