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Solutions in the Manufacturing Industry
With digitalization to help "traditional manufacturing", towards the development of globalization
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Solutions in the Manufacturing Industry

In the era of industrial Internet, more and more manufacturing companies are focusing on digital transformation, using new technologies to improve productivity, strengthen product innovation and management capabilities, so as to win competitive advantages.

The headquarter factory of this enterprise is located in China, and the R&D promotion and other institutions are located overseas. With the increase of system applications, the amount of data has proliferated. How to solve the interconnection between branches and headquarters and how to guarantee the security and stability of data transmission has become an urgent problem nowadays.

Industry Pain Points
Transferring large data over the Internet is time-consuming and expensive, requiring low-latency and high-availability networks for a more consistent network experience.
The challenge of getting customer applications and critical data to the cloud quickly and with secure connectivity is a huge one.
  • Cross-Domain Networking
    Complex Multi-branch network
  • Business Priority Guarantee
    Non-key Application Takes Up Bandwidth
  • Low Latency and High Reliability
    Require Timely and Efficient Data Transmission
  • Meet the Demands of Cloud Migration
    High Demand for Network During Digital Times
To address the manufacturing industry's need to build a network structure for multiple scenarios
Create cross-domain dedicated interconnections for enterprises to achieve efficient and high-quality transmission
MPLS private line interconnection, efficient data interconnection between R&D and production bases and headquarters data center;
Intelligent distribution of service traffic QoS and dynamic adjustment to ensure efficient and high-quality transmission of important applications;
Low latency and high reliability to meet the network requirements of key application systems of manufacturing enterprises.
to increase speed and efficiency and create higher production value
Redundancy protection measures for equipment, lines and routes, network reliability of 99.99%, and information security protection through tunneling technology, encryption and authentication technology;
Provide customers with a highly competitive SLA service guarantee to build reliable and stable to achieve efficient interoperability.
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