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Medical Industry

Under the backdrop of the new healthcare reform, medical institutions are undergoing continuous integration, with large hospitals merging with numerous small and community hospitals. Additionally, there has been a rise in medical check-up chain groups with multiple branches.

The demand for networking in the healthcare industry has become increasingly apparent. As businesses continue to expand rapidly, there is a high requirement for flexibility and timeliness in network expansion and deployment.

Industry Pain Points
Increasing number of branch offices that require stable and secure data transmission with the headquarters.
A large workforce of mobile personnel who need to access data and information outside of the company premises, resulting in a high demand for mobile office solutions.
Multinational pharmaceutical companies require fast and reliable access to SaaS applications deployed in foreign countries.
  • Network Security
    Encrypt tunnels to improve network security
  • Overall Reliability
    Unify network management, control as well as scheduling
  • Flexible Network Structure
    Cope with complex network environment of multi-application
  • Budget Cost Controlling
    Optimize the connection method and save costs
The problems of data transmission and network architecture faced by the medical industry
Flexible one-click deployment, Secure networking.
The SD-WAN platform offers the advantage of flexible one-click deployment and convenient networking. Users can easily configure their dedicated WAN access services through self-service, enabling seamless connectivity between branches and headquarters.
With multiple access methods, including MPLS, LTE, and internet, the intelligent routing SD-WAN technology allows for cost control and meets the fast and secure networking requirements of customers.
By leveraging the SD-WAN platform, medical institutions can efficiently and securely connect their branch offices with headquarters, ensuring smooth data transmission and access to resources. The flexible deployment options and diverse access methods provide scalability and cost-effectiveness, enabling medical enterprises to adapt to their evolving networking needs while maintaining a secure and reliable network infrastructure..
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