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  • For special industries that require pre-approval, please obtain the necessary pre-approval from the relevant departments. Submit the scanned electronic copy of the pre-approval document along with the filing application to our company. Please also provide a printed copy with the company's official seal. (For example, for the pharmaceutical industry, the "Internet Drug Information Service Qualification Certificate" is required. This step is not necessary for industries that do not fall under the special category.)

  • All websites must be opened within 20 days after the filing is approved (that is, after getting the filing number),And hang the corresponding record number at the bottom of the website,Hyperlink the registration number of the website to the website address of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (

  • Other procedures are routine:Set of data(Including "3 pieces" (copy), "1 form", "1 bill", "2 books", "1 letter")Send electronic copies to;Physical paper documents express to my company.

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