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Branch network interconnection promotes standardized project management, and a variety of access methods support operation optimization
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Solution in Real Estate

The real estate industry has historically had a low level of digitization. However, with the favorable policies and capital support of new infrastructure and smart cities, companies that embrace digital strategies will create more competitive projects, enhance the asset value of their businesses, and have better growth prospects.

Under this trend, a revolutionary digital upgrade is taking place.

Industry Pain Points
rapid development of the real estate industry, an increasing number of network applications require a stable and reliable network infrastructure.。
To improve efficiency and shorten the decision-making cycle, headquarters of real estate companies need to extend their relevant business systems to on-site branches worldwide.
Real estate companies urgently need an efficient and flexible networking solution
  • Unified management
    Demand of centralized management of multi branches
  • Branch interconnection
    Demand of data real-time monitoring
  • Flexible network structure
    Multi application complex network environment
  • Quality transmission channel
    Daily data transmission of branches is frequent
Regarding the problems of data transmission and network architecture faced by the real estate industry
Quick establishment of interconnectivity between branch offices to enhance operational efficiency.
Basic network infrastructure and management services provide robust network support for various business and application types.;
Utilization of QoS mechanisms to prioritize and control traffic based on the characteristics of different business applications.
Multiple access methods to ensure flexible business scalability
The network architecture is designed to be flexible, allowing business branches in different locations to select the most suitable access method based on their needs. The network is built to be stable and reliable, with management services delivered in a streamlined manner to minimize additional management costs for users.
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