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Solutions to the Financial Industry
Help financial customers achieve digital transformation goals such as agile innovation and intelligent upgrading of business
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Solutions to the Financial Industry

Due to the wide distribution of users in financial enterprises, limited by the complex network environment, security and risk issues arise. How to ensure continuous and stable business, user access experience and the security of financial data have become three important issues facing the financial industry today.

The increasing dependence of financial business on information systems and the more frequent transmission and use of data have brought more serious challenges to data security.

Industry Pain Points
Financial companies need big data to support their business and have developed a backbone plus access multi-tier network architecture to support their business
As financial services become highly centralized and business processes and management become progressively flatter, enterprises are increasingly dependent on data centers and corporate headquarters for service delivery capabilities.
To meet actual business needs, enterprises cannot do without a reliable, secure, efficient and resilient financial business delivery network, using information technology to enhance business competitiveness.
  • Policy Requirement
    Data safety/Anti-disaster backup
  • Security Compliance
    Meet regulatory compliance needs
  • Data Saving
    Neet big storage
  • Safe Transmission
    Big difference in network environment
Regarding the problems of data transmission and network architecture faced by the industry
Provide customized services and build a secure financial defense line
Build a cage inside the module, equipped with 24-hour security service to ensure the privacy and security of its cabinets.
Build two locations and three centers for disaster recovery and backup to ensure data security.
Quickly realize cross-regional interconnection and improve the quality of financial services
For the needs of the customer's branch offices to access the data center, deploy the primary and backup VPN with large bandwidth for the branch office links, and at the same time can be connected to the nearest Guangtong MPLS backbone network;
Third-party business institutions such as industry regulators, banking institutions and other access to use data dedicated line access, and provide client network, equipment hosting services.
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