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Virtual Private Network
Virtual Private Network

Based on a self-built backbone, Guangtong Network MPLS VPN builds a virtual private network for enterprise users to achieve scalable and cost-effective secure connections between multiple office locations.
By employing advanced QoS technology, we accelerate and optimize critical application systems, ensuring prioritized transmission of high-priority business data, voice, video, and other essential services for enterprises.

Product advantages
  • Global Deployment
    We have deployed 60+ network nodes nationwide, enabling our business capabilities to reach every corner of the country. This extensive coverage allows us to meet the maximum requirements of users in terms of manageability and scalability. Our professional technical team conducts regular maintenance to ensure optimal performance.
  • Flexible Structure
    Our network adopts a fully meshed architecture with a self-healing ring backbone at its core. It features automatic fault handling, seamlessly rerouting traffic to alternate redundant paths in the event of any backbone link interruption. The backbone infrastructure is highly scalable, allowing it to accommodate a vast number of users.
  • Security Commitment
    Our entire network utilizes MPLS technology, with redundant protection measures in place for devices, lines, and routing. We have multiple secure convergence centers and offer three-tier network backup services, ensuring high network stability. With a strong emphasis on security and reliability, our network boasts an uptime rate of 99.99%.
  • Service Guarantee
    We support multiple access methods to meet the requirements of various business types and budgets. We provide end-to-end service support and offer our customers highly competitive SLA service guarantees.
Applicable to Multiple Scenarios
  • VoIP/Email System
    Building an internal voice, telephone, and email system for the enterprise, enabling internal voice communication between headquarters and branch offices. Service provider backbone edge devices facilitate more convenient and efficient email sending and receiving.
  • Enterprise Internal Business System
    To ensure excellent network quality and data privacy to support the efficient operation of the enterprise's internal business systems, including ERP, MRP, SAP, and other application software.
  • Data Application
    Data is transmitted with high security, reliability, and convenience between private networks, enhancing communication among offices.

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