Solutions in the New Retail Industry Solutions in the New Retail Industry
Solutions in the New Retail Industry
Ensure user business continuity and embrace digital change
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Solutions in the New Retail Industry
Industry background

As digital transformation moves from trend to normalization, more and more retailers are deeply appreciating the power of new technology to reshape the industry.

For retail enterprises, in the process of digitalization and intelligence, they need to plan and implement the foundation (network) for the realization of new retail, in order to achieve network uniformity and real-time between headquarters and stores, and stores and stores.

Accelerated expansion in domestic and overseas markets, expanding branch stores, traffic surge due to multiple applications, and high reliance on network.
Complex network environment lacking unified management, cumbersome operation and maintenance processes, facing high costs, data security and other threats.
  • Rapid Deployment
    Need to satisfy multi-branch network access
  • Visualized Operation & Maintenance
    Unified network management is difficult
  • Intellegent Link Choosing
    Multi-link network access is complex
  • Multi-type Line Redundancy Protection
    Troubleshooting is difficult
Regarding the industry's demand for stable and convenient IT construction
Multiple guarantees and one-stop deployment to create a quality service experience.
Line preference policy and traffic control according to service characteristics, QoS is guaranteed; high redundancy and high reliability, support multi-line backup.
Rapid delivery of domestic business, enterprise interconnection to reduce costs and improve efficiency
Rapid network deployment with nationwide coverage within weeks;
Plug-and-play, no complicated settings at the device end, visual network platform deployment and management.
The digital transformation expert by your side.
Committed to providing innovative ICT solutions to global enterprises, empowering businesses to achieve digital transformation with ease.
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