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Intelligent cloud seeding system
Intelligent cloud seeding system

Cloud broadcasting equipment Set meal Complete with one click, Meeting the needs of multi scenario cloud broadcasting.

Low threshold, professional, and high-quality intelligent products catering to e-commerce, new retail, video media, education and training, and other fields' live broadcasting requirements.

Start from real application scenarios, Choose suitable cloud broadcasting products, Open up new outlets, Help you break through countless competitors!

multi-field | multi-scene | multi-industry

Live broadcast room | Virtual live broadcast room | Multi-picture studio

Product advantages
  • One-stop collocation, efficient broadcast
    Provides a complete set of equipment required for professional broadcast room setup, including intelligent live broadcast machines, professional cameras, lights, microphones, etc., allowing for direct and efficient broadcasting.
  • Virtual background Settings, live diversification
    Supports blue/green screen matting, ensuring high-quality live visuals in blank broadcast rooms;Supports PPT backgrounds, video backgrounds and image backgrounds for versatile and engaging live broadcasts.
  • Rich product features, presenting a more perfect experience
    Self-developed live broadcast system with features such as multi-camera switching supported by wireless keyboards, live overlays, etc., enhancing the visual presentation of product highlights.
  • Operation collaborative system, auxiliary more efficient
    Built-in store broadcast coordination system, enabling online mapping, remote prompting, live replay recording, and other features that simplify live communication.
Product functions
  • Green screen matting and instant switching between various virtual scenes
    tilize green screen technology to seamlessly switch between different virtual scenes, adding visual variety and flexibility to the live broadcast. Incorporate multiple cameras to capture the broadcast room from different angles, creating a dynamic and engaging viewing experience. Support remote streaming for remote live broadcasting and monitoring, enabling remote interaction with the audience.
  • Multiple networking options with built-in mainstream live streaming platforms.
    Support 5G network connectivity and WiFi, allowing users to start streaming anytime, anywhere without limitations. Ensure smooth and uninterrupted streaming, supporting popular domestic and international streaming apps. Enable the installation of third-party Android applications for expanded functionality. Streamlining the streaming process with one-click broadcasting for greater convenience.
  • HD live broadcasting on large screens and real-time viewing of big data dashboards.
    Deliver high-definition live broadcasts with a resolution of 1080P, providing rich colors and exquisite image quality. Offer centralized management of backend data, facilitating real-time monitoring of material quality, channel effectiveness, and behavioral analysis of leads. Provide valuable insights and data for modifying live broadcasting operations and making informed decisions.
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