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Internet dedicated line access
High quality, high stability dedicated line access service

The Internet dedicated line of Guangtong network uses the Internet egress Gateway router, Provide dedicated line Internet access services for employees at headquarters or branches.

As a professional neutral network operator, we have the capability to provide a wide range of Internet services exported by multiple operators; Removing barriers to North-South access, High-speed connectivity.

Product advantages
  • Professional quality
    Enjoying exclusive circuit access to the Internet, bandwidth exclusive, low latency, high stability, high availability.
  • multi-export
    ChinaNet (Telecom), Unicom (Unicom Net), CMNet (mobile), IP-Transit and other Internet outlets are provided, and different network outlets are selected based on users' specific usage needs..
  • Personalized support
    We offer commissioning and technical support services for interface devices such as client routers, firewalls, and switches. Flexible technical services are provided for client devices.
  • Flexible access to resources
    Integration of basic circuit resources and flexible call to provide customers with the best access circuit.
Applicable scenarios

Different product lines to meet the needs of enterprises of different scales

  • DIA Bandwidth Economy
    Targeted at startup enterprise users, with a single operator outlet providing symmetric uplink and downlink bandwidth. Economically using public IP addresses to save costs while maintaining network stability.
  • DIA Professional Bandwidth
    It is designed for medium and small enterprise users, with multiple operator static BGP outlets serving as backup to ensure high availability. Balancing network latency and access costs.
  • DIA Standard Bandwidth
    It is positioned to cater to medium and high-end enterprise users, with multiple operator dynamic BGP outlets for automatic protection, further enhancing availability. Ensuring low-latency user experience with sustained stability and efficiency.
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